Monday, March 9, 2009

Finally, a decision.

I have been wavering on the plans for the spring formal dress since I last blogged about the fabric options. And, guess what? I changed my mind. Here's a "sketch" of the new dress plan:

Clearly, I am not a sketch artist. But, that is the new plan. Using the same pattern as a base -- McCall's 5001 -- I'm going to be using a silk dupioni for the underlayer. It will look pretty much exactly like the pattern:
Then, over the top, will be silk chiffon, gathered to a one-shoulder piece. There will be some kind of fabric flower embellishment at the shoulder as well. There will be a waist seam for the chiffon -- and the chiffon skirt will be simply gathered.

Instead of the dramatic floor-length number I was previously thinking about, I think this will be fun and more fitting for the party I will be attending.

Oh, and I chose the middle fabric -- the turquoise -- from the samples previously posted. If I had stayed with the old dress plan, I definitely would have gone with the sapphire, so thanks for all of your input!


This weekend, I didn't do any sewing at all. Instead, we rearranged furniture, purged a closet, cleaned, and bought a new chair. This activity will affect my sewing quite a bit -- once I have everything organized, I'll post pictures of the results!


Leslie said...

Ooh, one shoulder styles are very 'now'! Love the sketch, and the color you chose will be gorgeous.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Glad I'm not the only one without sketching ability! (Not that yours isn't lovely...) Can't wait for the dress!