Monday, March 2, 2009

Swimming in swatches

You know what the worst thing about a late-in-the-season snowstorm is? They don't give us snow days at work anymore. By this point in the season, I guess they assume we are used to driving, trekking through, and otherwise transporting ourselves to work in the snow, so they don't give us the day to slack off (or SEW). Hrmph. Bah Humbug.

What better to do while I'm bitterly sitting here at work, protesting the lack of a snow day (in which 75% of the office is out because they either have kids who are home from school or don't live within walking distance of the office) than to ponder the fabric swatches for the formal dress I'm preparing to make?

I have so many silk fabric swatches, I nearly spread them out on the bed at home and rolled in them. After previously getting some swatches from Mood, I ordered some more from NY Fashion Center Fabrics, B&J Fabrics, and Rosen & Chaddick fabrics. And, you know what? I learned that it's really hard to find three different kinds of silk, all in a single color.

Here are the three finalists:

I'm leaning towards the bottom color. I also like the middle one. I think I like the top one the least of the three.

Here's the plan for the dress:

I'm going to knock off a dress by Lela Rose (at left).

I will use a basic sweatheart neckline, strapless dress pattern (McCall's 5001), cut it off at the hipline to create the lowered waist, and add a full, gathered skirt made of two layers of crepe de chine and one layer of silk chiffon. Oh, and I'll add that one-shoulder strap thing. That's the easy part.

So anyway. The question is whether I should use the same sapphire blue, or if I should change it up and go with a more turquoise color.

Maybe the question should REALLY be, which swatch makes me think of spring?


Summerset said...

I like the bottom two swatches as well. I think I like the sapphire color the best. It is so hard to match fabrics - good luck sourcing all the ones you'll need!

tarabu said...

How dark is the person wearing the dress? Pale people can look really washed out in that middle, and certainly in the first colour. (That's not a suggestion to hit the tanning beds!)

The dark sapphire also has the added benefit of either standing alone or holding it's own with some serious bling, so you'll have huge accessory options.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I was leaning toward the middle color until I saw the original, which swayed me toward the sapphire. Tough choice!

Leslie said...

Wow that is some pile of swatches! Gosh I love that sapphire. I think you could do the middle color too but I'm leaning towards the darker.

Lindsay T said...

Decisions, decisions. Love 'em all. I must say I think you had pretty good luck with your swatching, though.

Cindy said...

That is one comprehensive silk search! I love the sapphire blue. It sounds like you found the perfect dress.

quilterlee said...

Sapphire would be my choice and would look fabulous most anytime of year.

quilterlee said...

Sapphire would be my choice and would look fabulous most anytime of year.